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Every year I feel an enormous sense of loss when September 11th rolls around. I didn’t lose anyone and I didn’t even know anyone personally affected by the attack on our country. But as I sat in front of my tv that day, clutching my three year old boy, crying, I felt real pain. I’ve always been very empathetic to other people’s pain. And I knew this was bad. I cried and cried for days and weeks. Everything set me off. I wasn’t alone, either. The country mourned along with me.

On this tenth anniversary of the attack I wanted to do something special with Cade. I didn’t want to scare him, but I wanted him to realize that bad things happen all the time and we can’t help that. But we can try to take back some kind of control from crazies, weather or just plain weird things that could happen. I reminded Cade that his daddy was a federal worker who worked on the top floor of a tall building in Richmond. And I thought we could do something to help him, to give him some kind of control if anything were to ever happen.

I was perusing a website on Google Chrome called WikiHow and it had an article on how to create an urban emergency evacuation kit. It was such good timing and Cade and I thought it was a perfect project for us to do to commemorate 9/11 and help protect my husband, Cade’s dad.


We began by adding reflective tape to an old backpack that we had laying around.


We tested it in the bathroom to see if it was fully visible in dim light.


We put lots of supplies in ziplocks because ziplocks are amazingly handy to have in an emergency. Bruce had an old pair of tennis shoes that he was saving to use for lawn mowing, but we snatched them and some socks for our kit.


We pretty much followed the instructions from the site. And we hope that Bruce never, ever has to use his kit. But if he does I’ll be glad that we took a small part of our day to make it for him.

And we will never forget that Tuesday in September when our security was shaken. God Bless those who died and the brave souls who tried to help them.

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