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Cade’s Job Chart

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I’m not one of these parents that agrees with the philosophy that kids should help out JUST because they are members of the family. I believe that in life we are all motivationally inspired. Nobody goes to work and expects no pay check, no matter how much they love their job. The lawn doesn’t get cut because we think it should be cut, it gets cut because we would be embarrassed and think less of ourselves if it looked terrible. Our pride is our motivation.

My rant leads me to this revelation; kids need to be motivated to do chores. And in my family technology always comes to my rescue. All of my kids have been very motivated by technological things. Cade is no different. When I heard about I knew it was something we had to try. And boy, does it work like a charm!

This online chore chart works because Cade gets to choose his jobs and his rewards. When I set it up in the beginning I assigned chores to each day of the week and gave each chore a different point value based on what that job was worth to me. For instance, I really, really want Cade to brush his teeth every day and he’s not so good at that. So I give that a higher worth than making his bed or taking out the trash. For me, the personal hygiene attention is worth the points.

We also have a category for extra jobs. These are jobs that I can assign that are out of the ordinary, that need to be done, that he can do to boost up his points. For instance, I have ‘collapse boxes that have accumulated in the attic’ and ‘learn to cook something that you eat’ ‘ power wash the front steps’ or ‘sweep out the garage’.

Cade is quite diligent and goes online to check his chores every single day, even the days where we have been super busy. He hardly ever does everything that I assigned, but he does a LOT more than he ever did before.

So what is his motivation? I’m so glad you asked!

The reward section of the site is split into three different categories; save, share and spend. He can split his points amongst those categories any way that he chooses. So if he wants to save 50% of his points (each point is equal to one cent), then that amount of money is sent right to his savings account by me. The sharing category is for charity contributions. And you wouldn’t think that kids would probably use this feature, but Cade does. His charities are Save the Earth, Water for People, PETA, Mercy for Animals, and Helping Every Animal Live (HEAL).

The last reward category is the spend one. I’m sure this is the most common category for most kids and it’s been the most common for Cade, too. The rewards in this category can be linked right into, so that your child, with your permission, can order a video game, book or something else from Amazon that you have already pre-approved. He can’t order it unless I put it on his reward options. There are also custom rewards. I’ve included things like a family game night, choosing where we go out to eat or two firebelly toads for his aquarium and a bunch of other rewards.

Cade received his second reward in the mail today. This was an item that he asked me to put on the list after he’d been doing the chore chart for a few weeks. His first reward was to put money in his savings account. Today he got a water bottle from PETA. He’s so excited to show it off that he even allowed me to take a picture. I cannot recommend this site enough.



  • Aw, our little hippie.

  • Don’t tell G! Her chores are to set and clear the table, water the plants once a week and vacuum the cat hair off the rug and chair in the foyer. She set her own wage at $1/week. Some weeks she forgets parts and $1 seems like a lot!

  • As with any kind of chore plan, we falter. We did try this job chart thingie but I think I may have put too many things or too easy things or whatever. It just fizzled for us. I need to try again. Your rewards, how quickly was he able to earn them?

  • Well done master cade, earning your rewards is how life works, good to learn this younger than older…

    Speaking of rewards, I stumbled upon a game recently that I think Cade would get a serious kick out of:

    Its a very unique chess-like game. Enjoy!

  • Tiffany I’m not a hippie

  • You don’t have to be a “hippie” to be passionate abut making a difference. ;-) I think this is wonderful. And thanks for the job chart link, Robin!

  • The Helping Every Animal Live organization that Cade chose to donate to, are they the organization in Richmond, VA or Elizabeth City, NC? They are unaffiliated and one has a web address that is a “.com” and the other is a “.org”

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