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Marine Science Redux

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Last year Cade and went on a trip to the Marine Science Consortium. It was absolutely the best trip we went on all year. So this year we went back with some new friends and some old friends. And we had a blast again. This year I blogged about it for the VaHomeschoolers blog, so if you want to read ALL about it you’ll have to click over to there.

Just to tease you a bit, here are some additional pictures that I took. Because you just know how much I love pictures. :-)

PhotobucketThe singing on the buses was not Cade’s favorite part of the trip….LOL

PhotobucketThis was our first hike to see the local flora and fauna.

Photobucket My nook was a big hit with the kiddos.

PhotobucketThese are the dorm rooms.

PhotobucketThis is from the research boat cruise.

PhotobucketNature is everywhere and these kids really appreciated it.

PhotobucketCade and Isabella are checking the water clarity.

PhotobucketNow they are checking the speed and direction of the current.

PhotobucketIsabella is Cade’s fencing buddy. She is also a homeschool buddy.

PhotobucketI can’t remember the name of this tool, but it goes down to the bay floor and scoops out some gunk….

Photobucket…then we check for critters to identify later.

PhotobucketIn this photo our group is getting ready to trawl for organisms and haul them up in a big net. That’s me up in front with the big hat.

PhotobucketAfter removing all the organisms that we could identify later and tossing the duplicates back to the water, the tedious job of picking the nets clean ensued.

PhotobucketThis is my favorite shot of my friend Nan who came with her husband and two little kids who you see in the photo with my nook.

PhotobucketAt the intertidal zone we collected tons and tons of specimens for identification. It was messy, but oh so fun.

PhotobucketThis was Cade’s favorite part of the adventure, getting into the lab and identifying everything.

PhotobucketCade did not waste the educators. He asked zillions and zillions of questions.

PhotobucketI’m convinced that NASA has the most beautiful beach on the East Coast. I mean seriously, look at that. Isn’t it gorgeous? And  yes, I realize that I have almost an identical picture of Cade from last year. Who knew he’d wear the exact same clothes…Haha.

PhotobucketAt the NASA Space Center at Wallops Island Cade got to demonstrate the astronaut’s suit. He said it was really heavy.


They even have a very nice little museum.

PhotobucketOn our way home there is a lookout where you can pull off the road and take pictures. So pretty!

Here is the series of posts that I put together to document last year’s trip:

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Martinzoo –  Tom’s Cove

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  • WOW!! That looks like so much fun – I’m so bummed we could not go this year. It’s on the top of our ‘must do’ list for next year!

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