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Our Solar Art

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Cade and I are done with school. But school is never done with us. Bit by bit we just keep the learning coming. This week we were inspired by my friend Jennifer, whose blog Toadhaven is always fun to visit. This project, which only uses a block of wood, a magnifying glass and some strong sun, was too irresistible to not try. Oh, and some sun glasses sure do come in handy. My phone rang during this project and I couldn’t see anything but a purple, blurry blop while trying to find the buttons on the phone. Haha!

PhotobucketYou start with a block of wood. We have a little kids carpentry set that has a bunch of scrap pieces of wood in it. But anything works. In fact, we had to be extra careful at the edges of our art to not set the deck on fire!

PhotobucketI was surprised at how easy it was to control. I did one first because I wanted to know how to tell Cade to progress with it. And any time the smoke got strong, indicating an imminent flame, I pulled back and it went right out.

PhotobucketCade learned much faster than I thought he would. He was very instinctual about it. But you’d have to gauge your own child’s abilities before attempting something like this, especially around a wooden deck. Jennifer did hers on the sidewalk near their yard, which was a better idea. It was so hot that Cade’s art piece actually took several days.

PhotobucketWhile I had decided to design my own swirly, arrow art piece, Cade decided to just follow the grain in his block of wood. And I actually like the way his turned out better than my own.

PhotobucketOne thing I noticed, though, was that the spots where I had penciled in my design seemed to grab the light easier. So I felt like I had an easier time than Cade did, since he wasn’t following pencil, just grain.

PhotobucketThis is Cade’s finished project. Isn’t it cool! I love all the dots and lines. It looks especially nice from across the room. We trying to figure out where to hang them now.

PhotobucketThis is mine. The way I hooked Cade onto this project was to finish mine first and hand it to him. Immediately, he brought it up to his nose because he could smell the smokiness of the scorch marks. I said, “Doesn’t it smell good?” and he breathlessly replied, “Yeessss….mmmm.”

I have to use any hook I can for art….LOL


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