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(Sneaky) Web Math Day

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Cade has been on a roll for the last three weeks with some heavy topics. He’s been studying WWII, Samurai of the 16th Century, animal rights and the plethora of current event topics that have bombarded the news stations. He’s been glued to CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc. He keeps reminding me that we are living in an historical time. So, I’ve been letting him go his own way.

That is the deal. He does an entire year of curriculum, mostly of my choosing, but with his input. And when he’s done I let him have the rest of the year to study whatever piques his curiosity. He can go in whatever direction that curiosity takes him. And he LOVES this time of year. It motivates him at a time when most kids are getting all antsy. (Haha- I just noticed that if you rearrange the letters in ‘antsy’ it becomes ‘nasty’ – How appropriate is THAT?)

But today I wanted to break up the trend for just one day with some fun web games. He always likes those and this way I could sneak some math into his agenda. So I came up with a list and it kept him busy all day.

If you need a break from your curriculum, give the list a try and let your kids have fun with math. I’d say that any kid over the age of ten would be ok with all of these sites. I had fun with them myself.

Bap (two levels) spatial reasoning

British Pool – angles and geometry

Falling Stars – reaction time

Mini Golf – (two games) geometry and angles

Battleship – Logic

Sliders – (8 square, then harder) spatial reasoning

Math at the Mall - math skills for real life

Netwalk – Logic

Jungle Jean – Logic

He particularly liked the Battleship, Netwalk and Jungle Jean games.


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